The Phantom Airship Devil’s Blight Burlesque and Oddities Show


The Phantom Airship Devil’s Blight will bring terifying entertainment and tantalizing women at the Burlesque and Oddities Show. Over 18 to enter!

Devil’s Blight is a variety show composed of entertainers from the Wichita area. We have dancers, acrobats, magicians, sideshow act and music!

The Phantom Airship Devil’s Blight is the dreaded “Flying Dutchman” of airships – one with a difference. Known only to our talented crew, the Devil’s Blight is NOT a ghost ship. She is a real liftwood, helio-aluminum, and breeze-fabric airship, and our skipper is the ruthless and deadly dancer and pirate, Captain Bitchslap Barbie.

Crewmembers must also develop a talent so they can perform as entertainers when ashore. In that capacity they clandestinely socialize with business, military, and political leaders to glean trade and Imperial Consortium Airways Enforcement intelligence useful to our Skipper. The ruse is highly effective, so Devil’s Blight crewmembers are among the world’s most sought-after burlesque, circus side-show, and Vaudeville entertainers – as well as being among the world’s most wanted airship pirates.

Hence our reputation: “No vessel encountering The Phantom Airship Devil’s Blight in combat has ever been seen again, and every ship so engaged has lost its entire crew.”


November 5, 2016, 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Phantom Airship Devil's Blight Burlesque and Oddities (Cont) - Concert Hall Room 134