Montague Jacques Fromage


From full scale genre conventions to intimate cabaret and pub settings, Monty is the creator and international purveyor of SteampunkFunk Bizarre, Victorian Rap and assorted lyrical conundrums. Steampunk Chronicles' "Person to Watch/2013", this US based performer mixes patter, Victorian subject matter and danceable funk backbeat. Adding “music hall” audience participation and stand-up comedy, even the “uninitiated” will understand the plight of a steampunk time-traveler caught up in today’s hectic world. Monty (and his alter-ego, Victorian rapper LMJ3) has appeared at major Steampunk conventions in the US, UK, DE, NL, FR, and Luxembourg. He was invited to Oamaru, New Zealand in 2015 and again in 2016 to headline in the largest Steampunk festival in the Southern hemisphere: Monty has, for 2 years running "played Las Vegas" headlining at the Main Street Station Hotel and Casino for Steamathon. He has also headlined, MC'd and shared stages with Steampunk legends Professor Elemental, Abney Park, Voltaire, Unwoman, Frenchy and the Punk; Dale Rowles/BB Blackdog, Metropolis, Gladstone, BirthRite, and a host of other international Steampunk headliners. Major Steampunk venues have included (USA) Steampunk World's Fair, Steamathon, Teslacon, AnachroCon, SaltCity Steamfest, WickedFaire: UK/EU venues include Alt-Fest, Asylum, Steampunk Summer Solstice, Aetherfest, Emporium Vernesque, Nox Victoriana Judicio as well as a host of upscale pubs, clubs and intimate cabarets over 3 continents.